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  • Diesel Generator Set Powered by ISUZU-TechThe engine of the WE GDY Series diesel generator sets uses ISUZU technology. The main products are small bore and multi cylinders diesel engines. The production is excellent, i.e., the variety is satisfied, the performance is outstanding and the emission capability is good. The production has been certified by the ISO9001 and TS16949 quality system.
  • Silent Diesel Genset Powered by ISUZU-Tech All series of the Silent diesel genset powered by ISUZU-tech can be lifted from the eye lifting hooks on the top.
    The structure is more compact and the big muffler emits a low level of noise.
    The noise level of the ISUZU-tech silent diesel genset is (dBA at 7M): ≤ 63 (Super silent/Soundproof type).
    It offers a separated output cable box and it is easy for cable connection.

WE is a specialized Generator set powered by ISUZU-techmanufacturer based in China. We also provide Generator set powered by deutz, Generator set powered by , Generator set powered by cummins, 15kVA silent diesel generator set, and much more.

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  • Trailer Diesel Generator SetThe trailer diesel generator set offers a strong structure.
    It offers an effective anti-vibration device to keep the gen set running steadily.
    There are four mechanical supporting legs around the trailer.
  • Container Diesel Generator The container diesel generator is manufactured and designed according to ISO container standards.
    The complete containerized gensets can be sent by shipping lines, which saves on shipping costs.
  • 15kVA Silent Diesel Generator Set The 15kVA silent diesel generator set offers a new AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) that delivers non-fluctuating power.
    It has a powerful EV80 diesel engine.
  • GuangDian Silent Diesel Generator Set The GuangDian silent diesel generator set is compact and lightweight.
    It has an enhanced cooling system.
    The GuangDian silent diesel generator set has handles ...